About Us

Rye’s mission is to enable any digital commerce experience online. Our APIs power companies to query for real-time data on any Shopify or Amazon product, perform on-platform checkout on those products without redirects, and earn revenue on every sale.

How Rye Works


We're still early in our journey, but we're excited about our progress so far. We've seen strong growth in brand adoption, developer integrations, and transaction volume.

In less than a year of being live, we're processing over 120,000 orders per month and have onboarded over 1,000 brands directly onto our platform. And we're just getting started.


The Team

At Rye, you'll work alongside a band of missionary entrepreneurs and industry veterans united by a common vision. We bleed Rye. Our culture is defined by ownership, autonomy, and outsized impact. There are no cogs in the machine here. Engineers drive the product, interact directly with customers, and make key business decisions.

Meet the team

Team offsite in Santa Fe, May 2024

Team offsite in Santa Fe, May 2024

Why Rye?